Travelling to China

    The Air Travel Bubble (ATB) is scheduled to kick off from Nov 22 between Singapore and Hong Kong to enable citizens of Singapore and Hong Kong to travel for leisure between the two territories. What drawbacks and specifications are there?


    1. Who will be eligible?

    Any person who has stayed for the last 14 consecutive days in either Singapore or Hong Kong. Holders of job permits and S-Pass employed in Singapore’s building, marine shipyard or procedure industries are unable to do so.


    2. What are the available flights?

    The flights reserved for ATB travelers must be used by travellers from both locations. SQ890, SQ891, CX734, and CX759 are the flight numbers. There will be one flight a day to each city from November 22, with a limit of 200 passengers per flight on SQ890 and CX759. From 7 December, the frequency would be expanded to two regular flights to each city with a limit of 200 passengers per trip, with all four flight numbers in service. The ATB would be halted if the Covid-19 condition in either city deteriorates.

    3. How are travelers going to get checked for Covid-19?

    On a Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction ( PCR) test 72 hours prior to their scheduled departure in either city, both travellers would be expected to test negative.

    To take the PCR test at least seven days prior to departure, travelers will need to request for clearance. To qualify to take the exam, they would require a verified flight ticket to Hong Kong.

    Travelers can take their test at a recognized clinic or testing centre upon acceptance via e-mail.

    The same law of 72 hours for finding negative on the PRC examination holds. At recognised hospitals, travellers will take the exam.


    4. What would the destination city need to do?

    On arrival at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), all travellers arriving in Hong Kong are expected to take a Covid-19 exam. Prior to departure from Singapore, they would have to book and pay for their exams. Before their findings are authenticated, they must remain within HKIA.

    For more details, travelers may refer to Hong Kong’s dedicated ATB website.


    5. And what if passengers get sick?

    If travelers get sick with Covid-19, according to the laws of the respective towns, they would have to pay the entire expense of any medical care.

    6. What if, owing to ATB, the rate of infection increases?

    The ATB will be suspended for two weeks if the total amount of regular unrelated cases over a seven-day span raises to more than five in either Singapore or Hong Kong. When the amount slips down below five on the last day of the suspension era, the ATB will restart.