Best Place for Expats


    Mexico is number one, and Indonesia is number two. The Philippines and India are in the top 40, while Vietnam and Thailand are in the top 10.

    People who want to live and work abroad should think about “top” places like Mexico, Indonesia, and Taiwan, and stay away from “bottom” places like Hong Kong and New Zealand. At least, that’s what the results of the Expat Insider survey by the expat community company InterNations suggest.

    Singapore and Malaysia are also good places to visit. The Little Red Dot comes in at a respectable 10th, and its neighbor Malaysia is in the top 20. Vietnam and Thailand are ranked 7th and 8th, right next to each other. The Philippines is ranked 21st, just outside the top 20, and India is ranked 36th.

    Based on the data from 12,000 expats in 52 countries, Mexico, Indonesia, and Taiwan are the best places to live and work. This is because experienced expats like the quality of life and how easy it is to settle in.

    Analysts looked at Indonesia and found that once expats had settled in, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) said that their household income was “more than enough” to live a comfortable life. Also, 84 percent say that housing is “easy to find” and affordable (74 percent ). Still, it’s said that 28% of expats are unhappy with the quality of medical care, 35% with the availability of green goods and services, and 35% with the infrastructure for cars (40 percent vs. 13 percent globally). Overall, 91 percent of expats are happy living in Indonesia, which is why it’s in second place.

    In Singapore, for example, it’s easy for experienced expats to deal with the local government (63 percent) and open a local bank account (81 percent). Also, they are happy with the fact that public transportation is available (97%) and that they can get all the health care services they need (84%) and that the country is safe (97%). (99 percent ). However, expats who have lived in Singapore for a long time are “unhappy” with the general cost of living there. Smaller kinds of unhappiness can come from things like locals being rude to foreigners (22 percent ).

    Tenth, 73 percent of expats in Singapore are happy with their life there.

    Seven out of ten (70%) long-term expats in Thailand are happy with their personal finances there. Also, 69 percent of them are happy with their social life, and more than half of them (52 percent) say “making local friends is easy.” Also, 90 percent of them are happy with the variety of food and dining options, as well as the quality of medical care (85 percent ). But less than half of them (45%) said that the air quality was bad.

    At number eight, 77 percent of expats in Thailand are happy with their life there.

    People who have lived abroad before are unhappy with the cost of living in Hong Kong (68 percent ). Almost half (46%) also think that the local business culture lacks creativity. Still, 70% of people who moved to Hong Kong said it “improved” their chances of getting a job.

    Older expats are unhappy in Hong Kong because they feel like they can’t “openly express themselves and their opinions” (56%) and because they don’t like the city (33 percent ). Even so, the expats are happy with things like public transportation, which 96 percent of them say is available and 93 percent say is affordable.

    56 percent of expats are happy with their lives in Hong Kong, which puts them in the bottom three.