The address of Sanctuary @ Newton is 2 Surrey Road in the city of Newton. Amara Holdings constructed it, and it’s within a few minutes from both the Novena and Newton MRT stations. Up to 36 dwellings may be built at Sanctuary At Newton, each averaging 85 square meters in area (914 sq ft).

    There are 36 units with unique layouts available at Sanctuay @ Newton. One to four bedrooms are provided in each apartment, and each home has two full bathrooms. Thanks to the complementary characteristics of newness and tradition; autonomy and belonging, you and your loved ones may take pleasure in a life that is simultaneously refined, exciting, and convenient.

    Sanctuary @ Newton is a new development where each house is outfitted with cutting-edge ABB-free at home smart technology that boosts residents’ quality of life in a variety of ways. Adjust the temperature and brightness of your home’s lighting and HVAC system with the touch of a button on your smartphone. Each unit has an easy-to-use visitor communications network, as well as mechanized parking and entry.

    A Haven in the Heart of Newton – The developer, Amara Holdings, and the renowned architect, Zaha Hadid, envisioned a home for the residents of Sanctuary @ Newton that was at once intuitive and personal, luxury but utilitarian, and contemporary yet lush. The apartment includes all the convenient amenities one may need for a pleasant stay, whether for business or leisure.



    Location of Sanctuary @ Newton


    At 2 Surrey Road, Sanctuary @ Newton is conveniently close to both the Novena and Newton MRT stations, but it seems like it’s worlds away. The tranquility of The Botanic Gardens and the urban chic of Bukit Timah’s eateries are both easily accessible.



    Sanctuary @ Newton Nearby Amenities

    Singapore Botanic Gardens

    The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a permanent memorial to Singapore’s founders. Agri-Horticultural Society established the Gardens in their current location in 1859. The Society transferred control and upkeep of the property to the British government in 1874. When the colonial authorities acquired control and dispatched Kew-trained botanists and horticulturists to run the Gardens, the scholarly objective of the Gardens developed.

    In March 2010, the Singapore Botanic Gardens hosted the first International Certificate in Botanic Garden Management for the Asia-Pacific region. In August 2010, the Gardens held the eighth International Flora Malesiana Symposium, which attracted the greatest number of international botanists and taxonomists.


    ION Orchard

    With its unibody (or single-shell) exterior and canopy framework, created by Benoy, ION Orchard is an innovative building that has won accolades in Singapore. The façade is a tribute to the arboricultural past of Orchard Road, drawing inspiration from natural textures and patterns.

    Arup produced the technical design specifications for a high-resolution LED and dim lighting show for the façade in order to provide a colorful, lively, and multi-dimensional experience for pedestrians. This multimedia wall, which is part of the shop podium, provides a new venue for public viewing and other activities.



    Anglo-Chinese School International

    Holland Village, formerly Buona Vista High School, is now home to the Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) International. There have been extensive renovations and the addition of several new buildings and amenities ever since the school’s inception in January 2005.

    Children are taught Christian principles and beliefs. Its guiding principle is to help pupils develop a sense of direction, enthusiasm, single-mindedness, and faith. It is a Methodist organization with the goal of creating a society based on Christian principles. Students are inspired to assist others, take up leadership roles, and uphold Christ’s vision for the world. There is nothing better than what the institution offers its pupils. They think that by doing this, pupils will be more rounded individuals.


    St. Joseph’s Institution

    Although SJI International has a Lasallian Catholic basis, the school’s society is open to people of all faiths and cultures. These basic Lasallian values—spirituality, mutual respect, ideology, management, adventures, and adventure—form the foundation of all that SJI International undertakes. SJI International’s mission is to foster the growth of students who are driven from within to educate others and provide back to their communities.

    Newton Food Centre

    The food court was planned as a complex, with each kiosks having access to water and waste disposal systems, and an outside sitting space with trees and other landscaping for shade. The wide selection of traditional dishes attracted both visitors and permanent residents.

    When it first opened in 1971, the Newton Food Centre was already a pioneer among hawker centers. The Singapore Tourism Board first marketed the hawker center as a place to come and try authentic Singaporean food.


    Amara Holdings – The well-known developer behind Sanctuary @ Newton

    The late Teo Teck Hust started a construction company in the 1930s. The former Cathay Cinema building was a significant landmark. The group’s architectural and real estate development industry has grown steadily since its foundation in 1970 by the signature Teo Teck Huat Enterprise (Private) Ltd.

    For $47.8 million, or $1,332 psf based on the highest permissible GFA, Amara Holdings has agreed to buy the freehold 10-story residential building Surrey Point.

    Constructed near the crossroads of Surrey and Newton Roads, the project has nine individual dwellings. A maximum gross plot ratio of 2.8 exists on the 11,977 square foot lot. Maximum allowable gross floor space is 35,882 square feet, which includes a 7% extra gross floor area at balconies. This suggests that an aggregate of 36 units, each measuring 915 square feet in size, may be built on the given piece of land.

    Amara said it will use a mix of cash on hand, bank loans, and other mechanisms to pay for the purchase. For the fiscal year that ends December 31, 2021, it is not anticipated to have a major impact on the aggregated profits or net marketable securities per unit of the group.


    Sanctuary @ Newton Indication of Interest