There’s growing assurance that Singapore’s real estate market is about to restore from its 4 years downturn, reported Bloomberg.

As stated by the newest data from the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority), developers successfully sold 3,077 private homes (apart from executive condominiums) in the second quarter of year 2017 correlated to 2,962 units in the preceding quarter and 2,256 units in very similar period in the previous year.

Share values of major local developers have increased as well considerably this year. For example, that of CapitaLand risen by 24% to S$3.76, whereas City Developments Ltd (CDL) shares increased 40% to S$11.48 since 9.41 PM EDT on August 22 (Tuesday).

Nevertheless, Andy Mukherjee, the Bloomberg Gadfly columnist contemplates that the beginning of a property upturn in Singapore needs a big name persuasive to carry out to an iconic long-term development.

For instance, Kwek Leng Beng the CDL Chairman and billionaire affiliated with AIG Global Real Estate thirteen years ago to launch Sail @ MarinaBay, a determined, 245 meters tall waterfront tower.

It was an astonishing change that time as property values has dropped 45% from its top in year 1996. Kwek also had anticipated that prices would rise from 5% to 10% yearly over the succeeding seven years, although Singapore’s residential market was wedged by the Asian financial crisis and formerly by the SARS epidemic. Eventually, home values raised at a compounded yearly rate of 7.5 percent over 9 years.

Nevertheless, Mukherjee stated that local developers seem to be making greater investments in another place. CapitaLand has lately arranged a US$300 million account to invest in Grade A commercial properties in Vietnam, whereas CDL combined forces with Abacus Property Group and KPG Capital to search for great chances in Australia.

On the other hand, a Chinese group is compelling that Singapore’s market upswing is nearby at hand, as a consortium comprising of Shenzhen-based Logan Property and Nanshan Group has fruitfully captured a residential spot at Stirling Road in Queenstown in the month of May after it proposed a record bid of S$1 billion.