One KA @ Macpherson is a completely brand-new B1 industrial development that can be found in Singapore’s 1 Kampong Ampat in District 13. A well-known builder is responsible for this new construction. This building has a seamless design, which makes it possible for its future workers to work easily throughout the space. This B1 light industrial property has a great deal of potential to facilitate and provide outstanding convenience to the businesses that will eventually occupy it.

    One KA @ Macpherson establishes an exceptional level for B1 industrial projects, making it an excellent choice for light industrial companies such as those involved in the packaging of dry goods, telecommunications, distribution, and information technology.

    One KA @ Macpherson, which has an address in one of the most desirable locations in District 13, is easily accessible by both private and public modes of transportation. The sizeable building gives the development a prominent presence, which attracts the attention of those walking by. The arrangement has been developed to provide ease and convenience to your company.

    The facility facilitates the smooth and risk-free movement of both small and big products thanks to its provision of ramp-access loading and unloading bays. The construction site is able to handle container trucks with a maximum length of forty feet.

    This eight-story commercial building also has a supplementary restaurant that comes complete with spotless stalls for employees to use. In the interest of maximizing your convenience, parking spots are also offered.



    Location of One KA @ Macpherson

    The One KA @ Macpherson building can be situated in one of the most desirable locations in the District 13 neighborhood. This property has a variety of businesses that may contribute to the growth of your company.

    This property was much more than merely accessible from many areas in Singapore since it was surrounded by significant public transit hubs, such as MRT stations.

    Additionally, it was just a short distance away from the Central Business District, which enables companies to have an improved ability to access their target market.



    One KA @ Macpherson Nearby Amenities

    Maris Stella High School

    Maris Stella High School is an independent, Roman Catholic, secondary school for boys only that receives funding from the government. In 1958, the worldwide Marist Brothers established Maris Stella High School with the intention of easing the burden of an enormous number of applicants for enrollment in Catholic High School. The primary division of the school had 163 kids and the secondary section had 124 pupils when it first opened its doors to students. The school had eleven instructors. At St. Stephen’s School in Siglap, the school day consisted of academic classes that were held in the afternoon.

    The Maris Stella High School became an independent institution in 1996, and the increased funding allowed for the establishment of supplementary programs and infrastructure.

    In order to facilitate the school’s renovation from 1995 to 1997, classes were held at Mount Vernon Secondary School, which served as the interim location.

    Toa Payoh Town Park

    When it was built in the 1970s, Toa Payoh Town Park was a popular place for weddings, especially for couples who wanted their ceremony to reflect the style and trend of the 1970s. Even though modern features like open-concept toilets, a large pavilion, a planted pond, picturesque gazebos, and other features have been added to the park, it has kept its charm and beauty. It is an excellent location for families to get together for recreational activities.

    On the park’s brilliantly colored walkways, individuals of all ages may jog, walk, or enjoy another form of aerobic activity while they are there. They also have the option of sitting in the gazebos that are situated beneath the willow trees and taking in the sights of the cascading pools that are located at the pond’s edge, the fountain pool that is situated surrounding the observation tower, and the trellises that are covered with hanging plants.


    Goodman Arts Centre

    Mountbatten is an area that is rich in culture, and the Goodman Arts Centre is a cultural hub that spans seven acres of land. Since it opened in 2011, the center has been a place where art lovers, artists, and people from the surrounding area can get together to learn about the creative process up close and personal.

    Explore the dynamic world of sound art in Singapore with four of the country’s most forward-thinking artists, like Planeswalker and Marc Gabriel Loh. This series, which takes place over the course of three Wednesdays in December, looks at how these artists can create ever-changing soundscapes by using technology, performing in unique ways, or making their own instruments out of natural materials.


    Macpherson MRT

    MacPherson MRT Station is a tunnel interchange station between the Circle Line and Downtown Line, situated between the Kampong Ubi and Macpherson planning subzones. It is located under Paya Lebar Road, near the crossroads of Ubi Avenue 2 and Circuit Link.

    Colonel Ronald Macpherson was the first Colonial Secretary of the Straits Settlements in 1867. Both the station and the surrounding housing development are named after him. MacPherson Station serves the Macpherson area as well as the nearby Ubi area.


    The Macpherson Neighborhood

    The neighborhoods of Potong Pasir and Macpherson have come to characterize District 13 as a tranquil place to live. Alongside Macpherson’s industrial sector at Circuit Road, the neighborhood has been transformed into a booming housing estate over the years, making it easy for inhabitants to get to and from work. Future residential and commercial construction might also encourage prospective property owners to expect the district’s continuing improvement.

    District 13 is presently serviced by both the Circle Line and the North East Line, allowing for easy access to other portions of the island and the city’s most vital sectors. In addition, a variety of upcoming buildings are also developing in the area. It is located at Tai Thong Crescent and provides residents with access to the rest of Singapore through major expressways and public transportation.


    One KA @ Macpherson Indication of Interest