A million-dollar Tanjong Pagar property is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for homebuyers and investors alike at Newport Residences. There are plans to create a 51-story mixed-use skyscraper that includes commercial space, stunning residential units, and luxurious serviced apartments in the heart of the city.

    Compared to the present office building on the site, the future Newport Residences will also have a GFA of 655,000 sq ft (60,851 sq m), a 25 percent increase in GFA.

    The inhabitants of the luxurious Newport Residences will have access to a wide range of public and private transportation options. Keppel Road and Anson Road, two of the area’s busiest thoroughfares, make it easy for drivers to get about the neighborhood. The Newport Residences are also located near a number of MRT public transport stops.

    The Newport Residences are situated in the culturally and historically rich Tanjong Pagar district of Singapore. As a result, it’s ideal for people of all ages and income levels, including singles, couples, retirees, children, and the elderly.

    Another perk of having a magnificent apartment at Newport Residences is its closeness to retail malls like Raffle City Singapore, 100 AM, Icon Village, and Tanjong Pagar Plaza. In addition, residents of Newport Residences may savor delicacies from some of the area’s finest restaurants, all of which are run by pleasant and welcoming employees.




    Location of Newport Residences


    The Tanjong Pagar sector of Singapore’s second city, Tanjong Pagar, is a hotbed of activity. Located in the heart of the business district, this neighborhood is filled with historic and modern stores, large office spaces, and beautiful residential properties. The evolution of Singapore from a fishing hamlet to a sophisticated city is well captured in the Tanjong Pagar neighborhood. It’s home to some of the city’s most upscale residences, with a dash of charm and a contemporary twist.

    Newport Residences Nearby Amenities

    100 AM


    Retail, leisure, and dining options abound on 100 AM’s four floors. In close proximity to Tanjong Pagar MRT station, which is just a few minutes’ walk away. Amara Singapore is also nearby. This 127,000-square-foot mall, which is home to a mix of residents, office workers, and visitors, is well situated in the heart of the city’s booming residential and commercial districts. The mall’s facade comes to life at night, when the mall’s colorful glass fins provide a spectacular glow over this historic section of the CBD. Tanjong Pagar MRT Station is within a two-minute walk of 100 AM.


    Tanjong Pagar Plaza


    One of Singapore’s best commercial properties is Tanjong Pagar Plaza. Retail spaces are mostly rented or sold at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, a commercial property. The bustling surrounding neighborhood, which has long been recognized for its classic retail businesses, makes it difficult to overlook. About 130 businesses and services are available at Tanjong Pagar Plaza to meet the needs of its people. Numerous establishments in the area sell traditional handicrafts and artisanal wares from all around Singapore, luring shoppers in search of deals or just to take a stroll through the plaza to watch people. It’s nearly certain that if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the building, you’ll find it nearby because of Tanjong Pagar Plaza’s prime location in the heart of Singapore. You may get fantastic deals on clothing, textiles, cosmetics, and gadgets in this region, as well as Chinese items.


    Tanjong Pagar MRT Station


    Just on the East-West Line of Singapore is Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. It is an underground MRT station. Residents and workers in the Robinson Road and Shenton Way neighborhoods, as well as commuters, are served by the station. Anson Road, Cecil Street, and Robinson Road are all within a few blocks of it.


    Renowned Schools


    There are several excellent schools within a short distance of Newport Residences for residents with school-age children.

    The sanctuary is close to educational institutions of all levels, including kindergarten, preschool, elementary, middle, and high school. Within striking distance are the following academic institutions: Saint Clare School, Galilee Art School, Outram Secondary School, EtonHouse Preschool, and Cambridge Business School.


    The Exceptional Development of Tanjong Pagar

    Tanjong Pagar is a heritage area that can be found in the middle of Singapore’s main island. It is a hip neighborhood that is included in the draft master plan for the 2019 URA and is home to a variety of prospering enterprises, including bars, cafés, and restaurants.

    Improving access to the core of the city is one of the primary goals of the master plan developed by the URA. This will allow Tanjong Pagar to be developed into an innovative waterfront city. The town, which is now dominated by offices, is going to transform into a bustling area. The future projects will provide the people of Tanjong Pagar with a greater level of convenience as well as easier access to a wide variety of facilities.

    As a result of the impending projects, prospective residents of Newport Residences may anticipate an improvement in their standard of living. Tanjong Pagar will expand and be more lively as a result of these new projects because they will provide more chances for business and employment and will be able to accommodate a wider variety of applications. There may be a rise in capital appreciation, as well as a boost in rental returns, for investors in real estate.


    Newport Residences Indication of Interest