A highly contested site at Lorong 1 Realty Park attracts numerous developers to bid for this site. In fact, there’s a total of 11 bidders with Fantasia Investment coming in top bid at $75.8 million. The strong number of bidders enforce developer confident of the property market and also land zone for new landed development is hard to come by.

The site for Parkwood Collection was just launched on collective sales on the previous year. Within the First Half of the Government Land Sales Programme of 2017, the site has taken 11 bids from different developers that eyes the property with great potential.

The lowest bid received by Lorong 1 Realty Park site comes from Lots Property with a price of $29.88 million. SingHaiyi Investments and Haiyi Wealth together with EL Development come in on the second and third place with a bid of $60.2 million and $60.1 million respectively.

It was Fantasia Development Pte Ltd who has luckily acquired the lot with a whopping bid of $$75.8 million. That makes a $525.58 per square foot price. With this amazing bid, it is expected that the plot will be able to yield an excellent range of units. The site area measures 144,221 square feet, good enough to house around 50 exemplary landed residential homes. With this site area, the developer will also be able to supply it with facilities that are boasting with modernity.

Fantasia Investment holds the captivating creation of Parkwood Collection at Realty Park together with its joint venture with co-Chinese firms: Sun Renwang Pte Ltd and Yang Xinping Pte Ltd. It’s a subsidiary from its mother company the Fantasia Holdings Group Co. Ltd, a huge corporation in China which began its operations in 1996.

Since then, the Group has established its name being a renowned company bearing 6 major functions which spans works from property investments typically in commercial and residential site leasing, property sales and development, tourism and travel service, hotel service operations, property agency and property operations under the solid leadership of Miss Zheng Jie, current CEO as well as bringing the company’s shares into Hongkong Stock Exchange in 2009.


Lifestyle of Living at Hougang

Being at the North East region of Singapore brings one closer not just to the hip of modern day living but also the indulgence of feeling the cozy ambiance of the district, let alone the fresh yet calming breathe of nature upon touching your skin.

Hougang planning area is set to divulge more amenities to upgrade its territory due to the massive expansion of its dominion. Upgraded commercial spaces and even institutions are now in the works to boost its tourism.

Furthermore, foreign investors are flocking into its sought after location especially with the very affordable residential properties currently are available from landed housing to HDB flats and premium condominiums. A good return of investment is likely to happen in the years to comes.


About Parkwood Collection

Parkwood Collection is made up of high grade materials and fittings to ensure a luxurious look will dominate its corners from the visitor’s lounge to the hallway and inside each villa that stands at 3 storey high.

Enjoy the modern fixtures and facilities made available for your convenience such as a private pool and jacuzzi, separate parking lots, 24 hour security, well-design garden and reading corner, even a fitness gym and public swimming pool, with kid’s play area, outdoor court, grilling pits and many others.

Visit https://www.parkwood-collection.net/ for more information on this development.