Labrador Tower is a Grade A office building situated in a good position in Pasir Panjang. It is an office complex featuring retail, food service, and commercial areas.

    Learn how a workspace may double as a lifestyle environment. The meeting rooms expand your workspace, allowing you to idealize and conceptualize in a new environment. WIFI internet throughout the complex enables you to escape the cubicle and work unrestricted.

    There are a variety of flexible facilities and spaces to accommodate a variety of demands, such as a corporate conversation, product release, or panel discussion. To provide a flawless experience, each space is outfitted with multimedia capabilities and strong Internet access.

    The neighboring greenery of Pasir Panjang is linked to the development by means of pockets. This converts Labrador Tower into a verdant hub where humans and nature coexist together.

    If you possess a vehicle, traveling to locations close or distant from your house will not be a problem. There’s also an adjacent petrol station for refueling your vehicle. Additionally, parking is accessible for your automobiles. Nevertheless, if you do not possess a vehicle, you still have several travel choices to explore. You may hail a cab at the taxi stop or find one on the route. You may also utilize online taxi booking services such as Grab and Uber. One may also use the bus. If you prefer to take the railway, Icon is close to MRT stations such as Haw Pasir Panjang and Haw Par.

    Near the Labrador Tower @ Pasir Panjang, there are several satellite bus routes. Several institutions, including United World College of South-East Asia, National University of Singapore, and Anglo-Chinese School, are a short drive away.




    Location of Labrador Tower


    Labrador Tower is situated in a highly desirable area in District 5. The development has stores and is flanked by several retail areas, restaurants, health clinics, and schools. Icon is also conveniently located close to other city landmarks, including Fort Canning Park, Singapore Flyer, and Chinatown. Regarding Chinatown, this neighborhood is renowned for its Chinese-themed shops and eateries.



    Labrador Tower Nearby Amenities

    Mount Faber Park

    Mount Faber Park, among the ancient parks in Singapore, is a famous tourist attraction that offers a variety of activities.

    Ride a cable car from Mount Faber to Sentosa and take in the breathtaking view from above. Alternatively, you may observe the southern portion of Singapore and the southern islands via binoculars at one of the numerous viewing spots that are located on different sides of the hill. Explore our nation’s natural legacy at Faber Point, the park’s highest peak, where a mural wall depicting local historical facts and the tree grown on the inaugural Tree Planting Day.



    VivoCity is a Singaporean retail mall situated in the HarbourFront district of Bukit Merah. As opposed to Sentosa, VivoCity functioned as the designated site for the live, broadcast countdown to the new year.

    The characteristic design of VivoCity distinguishes it from the standard box style of many current (and prospective) retail complexes in the neighborhood since it has event spaces, al fresco dining along the 300-meter-long Promenade, and a big roof-top amphitheater. Since its establishment, the Sky Park has been a popular destination for people of various backgrounds. Popular with children and their families are the Play Court and the mall’s open areas. The promenade and entry area with the water elements are a favorite playground for youngsters. Many youngsters play in the swimming pool on the third level, in addition to the Play Court on the ground floor. Sky Park’s amphitheater served as the venue for the grand opening. It is also a popular location for viewing Sentosa.


    Resorts World Sentosa

    Genting Singapore planned the S$6.59 billion resort in 2006, and development started in 2007. When it was built in 2010, it was the third costliest structure ever built.

    Michael Graves, winner of the Driehaus Prize and a New Classical architect, was principally responsible for the resort’s design. The six hotels provide a total of 1,840 lodging rooms. Each hotel is uniquely themed to accommodate both leisure and business travelers. The resort is divided between western, middle, and eastern sections.


    Labrador Park MRT

    Within the Bukit Merah site area, Singapore’s Labrador Park MRT is an underground stop on the Circle line of the city’s mass transit system.

    In honor of the ancient defenses and naval cannons erected by the British military in Singapore prior to World War II, the name “Labrador Park” has been given to this station. Tanjong Berlayer is another option. The jagged granite rock that formerly existed near Singapore’s Keppel Harbour entrance was known as “The Rock.” Although it acted as a guide for ancient seafarers who navigated the tight passage between them, British engineers demolished the rocky outcrop in 1848 to make room for bigger ships. The Singapore government created a duplicate close to the original location in 2005 to commemorate the monument’s historical significance. Long Ya Men in Chinese and Batu Berlayar in Malay were other names for the dragon’s teeth gate.


    Pasir Panjang, The Great Southern Waterfront

    Before land acquisition, the Pasir Panjang region was built around a road known after a long, sandy length of Singapore’s southwest shore. This area is now known as Pasir Panjang. Early inhabitants included Malay and Chinese fishermen, as well as agriculturalists who cultivated crops on the Pasir Panjang Ridge and affluent Chinese businesspeople who resided on the shore. At one point in time, it served as a commercial and residential district.

    From 2021 forward, visitors to the new Pasir Panjang Park will have the opportunity to learn about the area’s natural and marine heritage.

    As part of the Southern Waterfront, this area includes West Coast Park and Labrador Nature Reserve.

    Initially, the Greater Southern Waterfront was unveiled in 2013. From Gardens by the Bay East to Pasir Panjang, it covers 30 kilometers of shoreline. More than six times the size of Marina Bay; double that of Punggol; roughly 465 Padangs in area.

    According to NParks, the residents of Pasir Panjang are proud of their rich heritage and wish to showcase it in the park.

    The Pasir Panjang story’s selection and development efforts will also be supported by the society.

    “Soften the appearance” of man-made facilities like public bathrooms by putting green roofs over them, NParks added.

    In order to evoke memories of the area’s sandy shoreline before urbanization, the landscaping will have sand patches interspersed among coastal plants.

    Spectacular artist’s concepts and grandiose ideas have been drawn up for the Greater Southern Waterfront. What exactly is it, and how amazing will it be when it’s ultimately finished in 2040? What do we know well about the Greater Southern Waterfront? Specifically, how many additional residences are being planned for the region’s southern waterfront?

    More options for better living, working, and recreation may arise if we fully utilize Singapore’s southern shore.


    Labrador Tower Indication of Interest