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    Blossoms By The Park Condo is a brand-new condominium situated in the center of the Buona Vista MRT Station. The property is situated in an excellent position in District 05, next to Star Vista and close to the Buona Vista Xchange. Blossoms By The Park Condo is located in the heart of the innovation zone, close to the Buona Vista MRT Station Interchange, where several offices and start-ups flourish. Residents of Blossoms By The Park Condo should be aware that the condo is a mixed-use building with commercial apartments on the ground level. Both the Buona Vista MRT Station and The Star Vista Shopping Mall are within walking distance of the property.

    One-north puts Singapore on the global map for her biomedical research and paves the way for her transition to a technopreneurial economy by fostering a varied ecosystem of knowledge- and research-intensive business and education clusters. Living in close proximity to this vibrant belt offers undeniable benefits. It gives you the freedom and productivity to create a more balanced work-life balance and to enjoy shorter commutes in a productive work environment.

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    Location of Blossoms By The Park


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    Blossoms By The Park is a new property situated at Slim Barrack Rise, just next to the Buona Vista MRT Station. The property is situated in an excellent position in District 05, next to Star Vista and close to the Buona Vista Xchange.

    Blossoms By The Park, situated in the epicenter of Southeast Asia’s research and development labs, info-communications, media, science and engineering of cutting-edge industries, offers a vibrant and perfect atmosphere for creative minds to gather, collaborate, create, and connect.



    Blossoms By The Park Nearby Amenities

    The Star Vista

    Blossoms By The Park Condominium is situated next to The Star Vista Shopping Centre at the Buona Vista MRT Station. Star Vista is one of the most popular retail malls in all of Singapore’s District 05. This sophisticated retail center is situated in the heart of the Buona Vista MRT Station and is home to a number of good restaurants, chic cafés, and several more fine stores. Star Vista has also been ranked as one of the top shopping centers due to its urban retail oasis located within a distinctively natural and integrated setting.

    In recent years, the Star Vista Shopping Centre has earned a reputation as a popular shopping destination not just for Blossoms By The Park residents but also for other locals. This shopping center caters to all preferences and specialties in an excellent environment. There are several businesses here, including branded stores and anchor tenants such as Cold Storage and J-Mart. Other food and beverage establishments, such as Saizeriya and Subway, serve both residents and the working population.



    Blossoms By The Park Condo is positioned in a prime location since it is next to Biopolis, a cutting-edge research center in Singapore. Biopolis Singapore is a significant research and development center for medical technology in Singapore. It is situated mostly at one-North in Buona Vista, adjacent to the National University of Singapore and the Singapore University of Health Sciences (SDS), all of which are located inside the city. In their present design, Biopolis’s buildings are dispersed over more than one hectare of land. This affords it the unique chance to conduct research initiatives in several fields and industries.

    Biopolis has established a number of research facilities dealing with cardiovascular disease, cancer and other medical difficulties. It has also created a number of academic institutes in the area of medical technology, such as the university’s School of Biomedical Sciences and the Cardiovascular Institute, which all perform cutting-edge clinical research in the aforementioned domains. In addition to academic institutions, the center has established a number of technical colleges and vocational schools. Due to its proximity to Buona Vista MRT Station, the location offers a large pool of prospective tenants who will be considering the Slim Barracks Rise Condo.


    Buona Vista MRT Station

    Bouna Vista MRT

    Near Blossoms By The Park Condo, the Buona Vista MRT Station serves the neighborhoods of Buona Vista, One North, as well as the office crowd of Buona Vista Exchange and Biopolis. Buona Vista MRT Station is an interchange station between the Circle Line and the East-West Line, and hence acts as the hub of transportation for the area’s inhabitants and office employees. The Buona Vista MRT station is one of the most significant stations in Singapore, as well as one of the busiest. In reality, this is one of the most important hubs for local transit in Singapore.

    At this point, you will have access to all of Singapore’s main cities and districts, as well as the great bulk of the nation. However, the transfer station does not provide any general or commercial services to passengers. Blossoms By the Park is situated close to the Buona Vista MRT Station.

    Buona Vista MRT Station is situated in one of Singapore’s most affluent commercial districts and was built along the main portion of Buona Vista Road. Blossoms By The Park has been designed to ease access to both the west and east portion of the stretch of Buona Vista and to complement the area’s public transportation system.


    Rochester Mall

    Rochester Mall

    Rochester Mall, a huge retail shopping center located in the heart of Buona Vista near Blossoms By The Park. It is strategically positioned in the downtown sections of Buona Vista and One-North, serving both the working population and District residents. The shopping center has retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other food and drink enterprises.

    The Rochester Mall Shopping Centre provides inexpensive quality shops with well-known brands, exceptional service, a family-friendly environment, and a vast selection of children’s items. At Rochester Mall, there are also anchor tenants and cafés, such as Starbucks. Residents at Blossoms By The Park enjoy easy access to restaurants, pubs, and shopping centers due to their proximity to Rochester Mall. Grab a snack at one of the restaurant’s several cafes, or order a pizza to go, if you are hungry.

    The Rochester Mall is ideally placed near the Buona Vista MRT interchange station, which is in close proximity to the Buona Vista Xchange and one north neighborhood. A big Retail Green, Lifestyle Centers, One-North Community, and Commercial Services are included at this retail center. It is conveniently accessible through all forms of transportation and is ideally situated in a superior and thriving neighborhood. This retail center is flanked by Class A office space and high-quality buildings, as well as a lively office population.


    Reputable Schools

    Blossoms By the Park at Buona Vista is a very desirable area due to its proximity to several district schools. Proximity to a school is one of the greatest benefits of living near one. Students may walk to school and save time by avoiding transportation and parking services. Parents may walk their children to school and avoid rush hour traffic by doing so. Additionally, a short walk to school might save parents money on petrol. Traffic is a disadvantage of living near a public school. You might be caught in the weather and have to deal with late buses.

    Less traffic and parking are other advantages of living near a school. Children may not be able to handle the morning rush hour. While some children may flourish in this environment, others may have difficulty adapting to the loud, packed setting. Being near to a school may lessen family friction and enhance the quality of life for everyone concerned. However, examine the downsides of living near a school and determine whether the additional cost is justified.


    Live, Work and Play With Numerous Amenities Near Blossoms By The Park

    Nepal Hill

    Blossoms By The Park Condo at Buona Vista is part of the JTC Corporation Masterplan to bring additional residential units to the neighborhood in order to establish a live-work-play zone that caters mostly to the research working population that are located nearby. To accommodate this lifestyle, the apartments at Blossoms By The Park Condo are meticulously constructed to include greater living space, and the facilities are equipped with additional work-related amenities, such as conference rooms and huge function spaces.

    Blossoms By The Park Condo falls into this category since it is also appropriate for home stays due to its proximity to one-north park and The Star Vista. Schools such as Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Essec Business School, Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), Fairfield Methodist School (Primary), Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), and Insead are also close by, reducing the amount of time required for the children to return home to Blossoms By The Park at Buona Vista.


    Be Part of Buona Vista Master Plan with The Blossoms By The Park

    Blossoms By The Park Condo is likewise in great demand due to its strategic location inside the Buona Vista Master Plan. Numerous designs based on the most recent Master Plan for Buona Vista exist in close proximity to Blossoms By the Park Condo. The Master Plan on Bouna Vista was created to transform the neighborhood into an interesting arts, economic, and technological center. It also has a 5,000-seat theater and a shopping section focused on food and drink. The objective of the master plan is to encourage innovation and creativity while establishing a regional center for civic and cultural activities. The Buona Vista complex has two new additions to the Asian Civilizations Museum and adheres to stringent historical criteria, although the primary emphasis is on lighting manipulation and architectural clarity.

    Blossoms By the Park is within walking distance of the Buona Vista MRT junction. One-North Eden and One-North Residences are two skyscrapers with retail space on the ground level. In addition to becoming the highest high-rise buildings in the One-North neighborhood, these skyscrapers will have a commercial center at their base. In the end, the Buona Vista Master Plan will provide a thriving, well-connected neighborhood along the Rail Corridor.

    The Buona Vista Master Plan will make it simpler for citizens to obtain decent employment and affordable housing. A high-rise construction will offer more affordable housing while also enhancing the local economy. There will be an assortment of office and residential buildings, as well as a few new constructions. The area’s proximity to the Bouna Vista MRT, One North MRT, and Rail Corridor make it handy for both companies and residents.


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